The name Åmusik

In the Danish language, Å is a letter but also the Danish word for stream or creek.
We start as one small streaming channel but aim to provide the best livestreamed music TV from the northern hemisphere and be your personal "Å" of music TV.

Why we started producing music tv?

First of all, we are all music enthusiast. We simply love music and we think the current media coverage of Nordic music is insufficient. We know that Nordic music is more popular than ever, yet nobody in Denmark produce music TV for the world to see. So the basic idea of “doing something about it” was born.
It is important to us that we create something that will benefit the artists and the Nordic music economy in general. A collaboration with MXD (Music export Denmark) connects us to record labels and booking agencies around the globe, making Åmusic.tv an important exhibition window for Nordic talents. Teaming up with Nordic audio electronic companies DAD and DPA Microphones, insures an unheard level of sound quality and lets us show another thing, besides making music, we are good at in the north.
We know we have to compete on other terms than many other production companies or TV networks in Denmark and we find more inspiration through social media channels than the big networks.
Streaming music tv to social media platforms, opens up a lot of new ways of thinking TV. We focus on interaction and think that live comments and questions is a fun way for everybody to get a step closer and actively be a part of the show. With these radical changes in viewer behavior and the formats of TV, we believe it is time for a web based tv channel like Åmusik.tv


Morten Fährmann Dehn

Owner and producer

+45 27 37 00 30


Linda Fährmann Dehn

Head of Åmusik Photo



Phone: +45 27 37 00 30
Mail: info(at)aamusik.tv


Rentemestervej 80
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