Invest in social media marketing with true value for your custumers

We can create high quality social media content of real value to your existing and new custumors. While conventional social media marketing can be an anoyence to the user, Åmusik.tv can help you be visseble with a positive association to your brand.

The LIVE Side

In simple turns we create live broadcasts with talented musicians. In a live stream broadcast, social media introduces the possibility of direct interaction which adds a new layer of experience and further adds to the value of the live event. Give your followers the unique possibility to interact with their idol.

The After LIVE

From this live broadcast we edit the recordings and high quality entertainment with your name on it will gather views on social media as long as you want. Lets create something so good that people will view it over and over again.




Åmusik.tv started in November 2018 with a vision to unite danish producers of sound equipment and danish artists in entertainment developed for SoMe based live streaming. Watch a bit of our first test here.


Åmusik.tv is a collaboration between experts within their field. The team of Åmusik.tv was formed from previous colleagues with a common passion for the storytelling of music TV.
Åmusik.tv was officialy started by Morten Dehn in 2018. Morten has worked with production management of concerts, live TV productions and festivals since 2010 and for companies like DR, Roskilde Festival and Copenhell


We know we have to compete on other terms than many other production companies or TV networks in Denmark and we find more inspiration through social media channels than the big networks.
Streaming music tv to social media platforms, opens up a lot of new ways of thinking TV. We focus on interaction and think that live to way comunnication is a fun way for everybody to get a step closer and actively be a part of the show. With these radical changes in viewer behavior and the formats of TV, we believe it is time for a web based tv channel like Åmusik.tv


We our proud of the people we work with. Visit their personal pages here

Simon Dixgaard

Mike Runner